Harmony Party announces executive slate for upcoming ASUC elections

The Harmony Party, a campus political party centered on friendship and cooperation between the human and vegetable communities, announced Thursday its executive slate for the ASUC elections in April.

This year’s Harmony Party presidential candidate is Carla Naranjo, a carrot hailing from Salinas, California. Carla is in her third year at UC Broccoli, where she studies Sociology with a minor in Human Studies. Naranjo is excited to be running for the presidency after serving as the only senator representing her party for the current academic year.

“It’s time we realized human issues aren’t just human issues,” urged Naranjo in an interview Monday, “Human issues affect vegetables more than we think and it’s in our best interest to find ways for our communities to see eye to leaf.”

As for the position of vice president, the Harmony Party is running a candidate new to the political scene. Vicky Spring is a second year studying Conservation and Resource Studies in the College of Natural Resources. After failing to win a senatorial seat in the last election, Spring is ready to become an active voice in the party leadership.

“In order to maintain a healthy culture as a university, it’s imperative that we focus not on our differences, but on what we have in common, like cookies. Everyone likes cookies,” said Spring.

Naranjo and Spring are running a platform based on fostering dialogue between vegetables and humans, allocating funding toward cultural exchange programs, and building frameworks for constructive political demonstrations and dissent. In addition, Naranjo and Spring pledge to fight for longer library hours and more frequent crop rotation.

The Harmony Party is the smallest and newest student political group at UC Broccoli and has historically been overshadowed in ASUC elections. Be that as it may, Naranjo has big hopes for this year’s results: “People and vegetables alike are ready for change. It’s time we show the world what UC Broccoli is made of.”

“Carla is so inspiring and it’s an honor to be working with her,” said Spring, “She really gives you the feeling that this will be the year.”

The Harmony Party is the first to announce their executive slate this year. Updates on the senatorial race as well as news from the Bean Party and Purophyll Party are forthcoming.


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