4 Tips for a Nutritious Break

Here at UC Broccoli, students and faculty alike are excited and ready for Spring Break, which is sprouting up just around the corner. Check out these 4 tips brought to you by researchers at the School of Pumpkin Health!

1. Irrigation: Make sure you stay hydrated to keep your stems strong and your leaves healthy! Whatever you do, steer clear of dry soil. Try running through some sprinklers for a fun way to get your daily dose of irrigation!

2. Photosynthesis: Without those bright rays of sunshine, you won’t be getting the nutrition you need to return to your studies replenished with vitamins! Have some fun in the sun on your week off, and come back ready to keep us at the top of the leading vegetable institutions in the nation!

3. Down time: Take a day or two for yourself on your week off. Sometimes, reflecting on a windowsill or out in the garden can be the best way to let your stalks rest and recharge. Don’t forget to settle in with your most comfortable terra cotta, turn your leaves down for a while, and practice some energy-centering techniques between days when you’re out and about and having a blast.

4. Safety: Keep your leaves peeled for those pesky bugs that love to come out and bite as the weather gets warmer! Always keep your repellents on hand and, if you’re in the UC Broccoli area, report major infestations! With recent claims of deliberate bug-spreading around campus, staff at the university are always on the lookout and happy to help make your spring break as enjoyable as possible!

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