Protests Erupt Over Upcoming Holi Celebration

Protests broke out Sunday as hundreds of vegetables took to campus to demonstrate against the Indian Human Students Association. The demonstrations followed reports that IHSA plans to use plant-based dyes in their Holi Celebration next weekend. Vegetables of color, notably the coalition of eggplants, gathered en masse to demand the IHSA switch to synthetic dyes.

“Hey! Hey! Ho! Ho! Plant-based dyes have got to go!” chanted the crowd as signs reading “खुनी” (Hindi for murderer) were held high on stakes.

Broccoli PD responded to reports of altercations by surrounding the area, giving protesters 10 minutes to leave the area. When they refused to disperse, BPD deployed ethylene and other ripening agents. This is the fourth instance of chemical agents being used against protesters this semester.

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