Meet the Bean Party’s Candidates for ASUC Senate.

The Bean Party fights to defend the rights of humans and other beans on the UC Broccoli campus. Despite the fact that humans make up only 24% of the student body, they play an enormous role in the cultivation of creativity and diversity of experience that is simply not offered by any vegetable.

The following Bean Party candidates ask for your vote in the election on April 10-12.

FrancescaFrancesca DiSantos

Francesca is a second year romano bean from Flagstaff, Arizona, studying Eggplant Engineering and Carrot Science.

Francesca is excited to represent beans and other legumes as a senator in UC Broccoli’s student senate. Her goals are thus to improve the quality of legume resources on campus, including the following:

– Vertical growing space for beans and other legumes to have a rich and wholesome university experience

-Lobbying for more legume representation in University Faculty. A message from Francesca: “It’s honestly disheartening to go to class and see that every single professor is a vegetable. Legumes and humans make up a big segment of our student body, and the faculty should reflect this.”

JoeJoe Fajnor

Joe is a third year human studying Art at UC Broccoli. He has been an active Bean Party member since campaigning for species neutral bathrooms last year.

Joe hopes to prioritize safe spaces on campus where human students and other beans may seek shade from the sun, being some of the only students to not photosynthesize and, on the contrary, actually suffer negative effects from overexposure to sun.

In addition the Joe will fight for the continued existence of meal halls on and off campus. A well-known and loved UC Broccoli institution, the meal halls have seen a decrease in funding over the past few years as vegetable activists demanded the shutdown of these so-called “slaughterhouses”. Diminished funding has taken a toll on the health of human students, who have been forced instead to walk long distances to find food when the meal halls can no longer provide. By restimulating the meal halls while also ensuring the quality and humane tactics being implemented within, Joe believes that the campus can continue to be a safe place for all students.

Even though beans are some of the most space-efficient vegetables in terms of growing, a recent study conducted by the Office of Student Affairs reported that only 54% of beans felt they had enough space amidst fellow students to grow to their full potential. Joe seeks to implement minimum space requirements for bean students to ensure that every bean, despite their size in relation to other vegetables on campus, have the necessary nutrients and space to become a healthy and nutritional part of the UC Broccoli community.

WendieWendie Yeung

Wendie is a third year human studying human economics and pumpkin policy. Her priorities are as follows:

-Safe Spaces: There is a need for safe spaces for all students, especially the historically marginalized bean and legume communities. This includes the construction of posts around which legume vines can wrap.
-Campus Climate: We must work towards creating a more welcoming environment of using human and legume friendly pronouns across classrooms.
-Financial Resources: Create increased scholarship and financial support resources for vegetables coming from low-harvest fields.

EmilyEmily Sun

I am so excited and humbled to announce my candidacy for ASUC Senate.

UC Broccoli has always been a dream for me. Coming from a family of humans, I never imagined myself at the number one public vegetable institution in the world. Getting in was a dream come true. Coming, however, was a slightly different story. I’m not going to lie, the first year was a little rough. Growing up in the South and uprooting my life to move here, it was certainly a bit of a culture shock. However, the friendly and inspiring people and vegetables I’ve met during my time at Broccoli have made the transition all the easier.

Today, I am so lucky to be able to call UC Broccoli home and I want to share that privilege with others. As senator, I will push for greater seed-based financial aid for the University’s out of state students. Our diversity is part of what makes UC Broccoli great.

Despite making up over a quarter of the student population, there is a lack of sufficient resources available to humans. The greenhouse dorms are overcrowded and this often impacts the humans first who already lack adequate housing. Our human students are tired of sleeping in garden beds. The second part of my platform will be to push for equitable housing options.

Additionally, I’d like to build off the fantastic work Allie has done as Bean senator and continue to grow safe spaces for beans on campus. It is important for the University to show its commitment to its human and legume students.

ConnorConnor Brown

Connor is a second year human studying Cognitive Science at UC Broccoli. His senatorial priorities will be as follows:

-Human-accessible sinks and fountains. While the vegetable majority at our university takes in a majority of their water at their roots, humans require access to water at the level of their mouths and hands. In most parts of campus, this need is unmet and human students have to stoop down uncomfortably low to receive water. This is a daily reminder of our otherness and is unacceptable in terms of creating a welcoming campus climate.

-Improving our online student resources. Even though we have the best carrot science and eggplant rearing programs in the nation, our online resources are unintuitive and frustrating. Connor will fight to make sure these elements of the Broccoli experience are brought into the twenty first century.


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