Celebrate Pi Day Nonviolently With These Veggie-Free Pie Recipes

Pi day is one of UC Broccoli’s favorite holidays, but bears a history of violence against vegetables. Out of respect for all students at Broccoli, we encourage you to explore nonviolent ways to celebrate. Try these 4 pies at home to have a delicious and peaceful day!

  1. Blueberry pie
    If you prefer to make an extra-wide lattice-top crust for this pie, roll out dough to 1/8 inch thick, and cut four 3-inch-wide strips. Chill the strips until firm. Weave the strips over the filling, and seal the lattice to the bottom crust with a mixture of egg and milk. (more)
  2. Deep Dish Winter Fruit Pie with Walnut Crumb
    This deep-dish crumb-topped pie combines several winter fruits and confirms that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The pears become soft, the apples remain slightly firm, the figs add texture and sweetness, and the tart cranberries pop in your mouth, making this rustic pie a sensory treat. Be sure to plan ahead, as this recipe calls for chilling the dough for one hour, chilling it again after you roll it out (this reduces shrinkage of the crust during baking), and then baking the pie for over an hour. It is an hours-long process, off and on, but it is worth every minute. Served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a glass of apple or pear brandy (preferably from Clear Creek Distillery), it is the perfect final touch to a dinner party. (more)
  3. Double Chocolate Cream Pie
    The best desserts are a study in contrast. This recipe delivers at every turn, with a crisp, flaky crust encasing a rich and creamy dark chocolate custard, topped off with a light and fluffy vanilla meringue. Since there are a lot of moving parts to coordinate, I like to break the process into more manageable chunks by making the crust a day in advance, but it can certainly be tackled all in one go if you’ve got a nice stretch of time to spare. (more)
  4. Gooey Apple Pie
    This apple pie slices cleanly and holds its shape as you lift it out of the pie plate. It has chunks of apple that are tender yet intact, lightly bound in a thickened sauce that’s just sweet enough, with a hint of spice. This is the pie for all you gooey-pie-lovers out there (and you know who you are). (more)

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