Eggplant, Squash, and Two Humans Among Harmony Party’s Senate Slate

The Harmony party for interspecies cooperation released Tuesday their senate slate and platforms for the upcoming ASUC election with the following message: “Despite it’s reputation, UC Broccoli still has a lot of work to do to foster a more harmonious relationship between the vegetable & humxn communities on campus.

Tensions at our great institution have never been higher. No matter your race or species, incidents like GraterGate or the Broccoli Riots demolish our safe spaces on campus and are damaging for ALL communities. This is why it is as important as ever to come out and show your support for the Harmony Party with YOUR vote on April 10th!”

Harmony AliceAlice Ma

Alice is a third year studying political economy and carrot science. Although a newcomer to student government at Broccoli, Alice has long kept up with the Daily Kale, Broccoli administration gossip, and vegetable-human events on campus. Above all, she believes in the principle that all sides, including humans, vegetables, and everything in between, must meaningfully participate in the conversation and see the other side in order to achieve Harmony at Broccoli. Her goals:

Fighting nutrition hikes. With the Broccoli administration raising the standard for minimum level of nutrition levels in order to attend UC Broccoli, many minority students, and especially humans, have struggled to keep up with nutrition levels. I pledge to devote my time to having meaningful dialogue with the administration to fight the nutrition hikes! This should be a top priority for any student representation in the current environment.

Improving yeast culture at Broccoli. The current state of Broccoli yeast culture has been too acidic/toxic, and I will work endlessly to cultivate better, more basic yeast culture. This will be tough work, but can be achieved through vegetable-human town halls and by including all kinds of yeast, including vegetable, fruit, and legume based yeast, in the equation.

Deploying a one-stop, user-friendly mobile application that tracks events on campus for humans, vegetables, and everything in between. While current systems like Broccoli Calendar of Events and KaleLink exist, there’s no way for students to easily learn about events that are important to them on campus, especially for newcomer students such as fresh sprouts, transfers from other farms, and international exchange grafts. I will gather a team of dedicated STEM and leaf majors to develop an app that will provide info about farming events, rainy seasons, planting deadlines, and guest lecturers in a digestible format.

Harmony HarutoHaruto Takahashi

Haruto is a first year buddha’s hand studying pumpkin health. Since coming to Broccoli, he has been shocked by apparent tension between vegetables and humans. Having been raised by an interspecies couple, Haruto is determined to bring his progressive stance on interspecies relationships to the senate. His goals:

Greater visibility for interspecies couples. Interspecies couples on Broccoli’s campus feel like they have to hide their true selves from their peers. Critics of such relationships call them unnatural, but as the proud adopted son of a cabbage and a human, I’ve seen first hand how loving they can be. I will fight for visibility and representation for these students as a senator.

A conference on interspecies friendship and cooperation. We need to take serious action to address species rivalry on campus. I propose a half day conference with guest speakers around the world, followed by a half day music festival on Sproul plaza, wherein we foster dialogue between opposing campus communities.

Harmony JimJim Jones

Jim is a second year chayote squash studying celery and biomolecular engineering. Growing up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Jim had friends of many species. He was disheartened to discover creating a diverse friend group would be a much greater challenge at UC Broccoli. His goals as senator center on lowering the barrier for interspecies friendships:

A lunch and learn program. Vegetable students will be paired randomly with human and legume students for friendly lunches where they can discuss their similarities and hopefully become friends.

Vegetable alternatives education programs. Humans who have urges to eat vegetables should be educated on alternatives to their violent behavior. It’s often not their fault and has more to do with the environment in which they grew up. Holding educational sessions could reform veggie eaters and give students a second chance.

Harmony Marisa

Marisa Ahmed

As an advocate for equal veggie representation, I strive to create access for the vegetable community –– a community that has been uprooted for far too long.  For the past year, I have done extensive fieldwork and have harvested fresh insights on the work that needs to be done to enrich relations between us. Their deep-seated traditions are at risk, but I believe the following provisions will yield a fruitful partnership. Through their kindness, I have been fed and watered and now, it’s time for me to give back. As your ASUC Senator I will:
  • Install more Irrigation Stations on campus and in university housing. Dehydration is not only a human problem, and there should at least be as many irrigation stations as there are water fountains at UC Broccoli.
  • Purchase more Nap Pots to be widely distributed around campus. Students should not have to wait to use these amenities in order to recharge. This is part of my overarching goal to improve campus wellness.
  • Enact an Open-Window Policy. Many folx in the vegetable community feel the classroom environment is not conducive to their full growth and potential, citing that our dark (and sometimes windowless) classrooms leave them feeling stunted.

Harmony MohamedMohamed Mansour

Mohamed is a third year globe eggplant in the Hass School of Avocados. He is a transplant student from Los Angeles, California, Mohamed is thrilled to represent the underrepresented transplant community within the Harmony Party. At his former school, College of the Cabbages, he chaired the committee on human-vegetable relations, and hopes to use his experience to serve the needs of fellow transplants here at UC Broccoli by:

Lobbying for a transplant orientation program separate from fresh crops. Transplants have a unique experience at UC Broccoli that should be carefully tended to and nurtured, and all deserve proper fertilization treatments and soil allocations to adjust to the change.

Building the transplant community and fostering integration. This would include transplant socials and forums for humans and vegetables alike, as well as a buddy system with the current UC Broccoli population.

Promoting interspecies dialogue, particularly among transplants that may have come from species-exclusive college backgrounds.

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