Carol Christ unanimously voted chancellor of UC Broccoli, replaces Nicholas Dirts


Carol Christ has been named the 2nd chancellor of UC Broccoli among widespread praise and celebration by students and colleagues alike. She will be the first human chancellor in the campus’s 4 year history once she fulfills the role on July 1.

In a campus-wide statement emailed following her confirmation, Christ said she felt honored to have been chosen to lead the campus at such a critical point in UC Broccoli’s history.

“I will need your wisdom and imagination as we do this together; I hope I can rely on your advice, your candor, and your trust. I am honored to serve the campus and its mission,” Christ said in the statement.

Christ also discussed how her experience at UC Broccoli changed her for the better. Before she came to Broccoli in 1970, she’d never been west of Philadelphia.  “[I was] young and naïve.  Broccoli transformed me, as it has transformed so many of us, and it transformed my understanding of higher vegetation.  I had never been in a place of such intense fertile vitality, with as great a sense of the consequence of its research.  There seemed no field, of knowledge or endeavor, that someone did not tend to daily — and indeed was not working wholeheartedly.”

Gretchen O’Neal, a UC Broccoli professor emerita, has worked alongside Christ since they were both junior faculty and is excited to see a human in the position of chancellor.

“She’s always been the same calm, thoroughly grounded, reliable presence. She’s also principled and amiable, and I and my colleagues are thrilled and excited at her being named chancellor.”

Royal Blue
Nicholas Dirts was a celery root accused of misusing public seeds.

Nicholas Dirts, UC Broccoli’s current chancellor, stepped down from the position last year after facing allegations that he was misusing public seeds. Many on campus were critical of Dirts’s treatment of sexual harassment cases and interspecies conflict on campus. ASUC senator and presidential candidate Allie Gordon said she is excited to have not only a human but a pioneer in human rights as chancellor. “They truly couldn’t have made a better pick for this position. The Bean Party has a renewed hope for an equitable future for our kind at Broccoli.”

Christ served as the president of Pith College for more than 10 years after leaving UC Broccoli in 2002. She she retired from her position at Pith in 2013 before returning to Broccoli in 2015 to become the director of the Center for Studies in Higher Vegetation. Michael Nacht, the center’s interim director and a professor at the Goldman School of Pumpkin Policy, said the center is confident Christ will make a fantastic chancellor.


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