Elusive UC Broccoli Professor Spotted at FSM Cafe

Free Seed Movement Cafe: A student recently reported seeing the legendary UC Broccoli professor, David E. Watercressti.

As she chowed down on her organic, veggie-free sandwich, the UC Broccoli sophomore recognized a familiar face from her Molecular and Cell Biology course entitled “Grain, Mind, and Behavior”: the renowned professor and author himself!

Watercressti, known and loved for his theories about the unusual connections between plant and human consciousness, was nowhere to be found since spring of last year. According to rumors going around campus, the famous plant-scientist had been off on a mysterious sabbatical to discover new ways for humans and vegetables to communicate via natural substances. After about a year, seeing him in the flesh, and so close, brought back vivid memories and feelings of excitement. She reports reaching out to her classmates from the Spring 2016 course and sharing that, although somewhat changed in appearance, he is definitely back on campus.

The human student told the Daily Kale that she recalls Watercressti’s class being particularly enjoyable, especially because of the homework assignment in which she was prompted to envision what life is like for a plant. “After turning in that short essay, I really felt like I could relate to my vegetable classmates and get the most out of this unique academic experience. Seeing him again a year later really helped me reflect on my nourishing education and look forward to my remaining semesters,” she said. “I wonder what new breakthroughs he had during his time away.”

We’re happy to know that the scholar is back in action at UC Broccoli, and look forward to seeing more of his contributions to plant science!


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