Humans of UC Broccoli: Meet Roya, the only human sister in Rho Beta Beta

DSC_2093 (Priime Bouquet)

“I grew up in Orange County, where I had to keep my relationships with vegetables a secret from my family and friends. I used to feel ashamed of who I was and who I was attracted to, but since coming to Broccoli, all that has changed. I’ve only been here one year but it’s already become my home. And ladies, don’t believe what they say about Broccoli goggles and Broccoli boys. This campus is full of 10s! I knew from the moment I sat down in Math 1A section, surrounded by fresh, strong greens, that I’d come to the right place for me.”

“What do I study? Oh, everything I can get my hands on. Right now I’m media studies with a carrot science minor. I just can’t wait to take CS 61A. I hear it’s tough but I was definitely the smartest human in my high school so I’m sure I’ll be fine. Also, I’m definitely pre-med.”

roya rbb (Priime Bouquet).jpg

“People think its super weird that I joined Rho Beta Beta as a human because all the other sisters in the house are rhubarbs. But they honestly just haven’t given these girls a chance. They’re so welcoming to me and I fit right in. We like all the same vegetables and listen to the same music. Every night we get together and sing along to our favorite Rhubarbanna songs.”

“I know what people say about me when they think I’m not paying attention. I know they think I was a diversity recruit and that they just chose me because I wear so much pink. But they’re wrong. My big, Madison, has shown me time and again that I belong to this community.”

roya rbb 2 (Priime Bouquet)

“I want any human who’s ever considered joining a historically vegetal sorority or fraternity to just give it a try. Since joining Rho Beta Beta, my life at Broccoli has gotten so much better. I eat better food, have prettier friends, and date cuter vegetables. Later in life, when I’m a successful doctor/film director, I’m sure I’ll continue to think of my Rho Beta Beta sisters as lifelong friends. People hate on me for my life decisions but they should honestly just take a moment to stop being so jealous of me and think about how they can be more happy like me.”

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