Crowdfunding campaign to send students done with finals “somewhere they can’t annoy us” raises impressive $24,000

University officials were surprised to learn Monday that an online crowdfunding campaign for an all-expenses-paid vacation for thousands of students gained considerable traction over the past weekend. The campaign’s fundraising page has the following to say about its mission:

Tired of some of your friends complaining about how they have nothing to do because they’re already done with finals? Help us send them away from here. “Where?” you ask. Literally anywhere they can’t annoy us. With your help, we can charter school buses to take them far, far away.

“It’s hard enough studying when you think everyone is studying,” said Courtney Mosby, a tomato, “It’s near impossible if you know some people aren’t struggling like you are. I consider my donation to the campaign an investment toward my academic future.”

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