Campus foot traffic experiences record delays as semesterly dance performances near

Several campus entrances and walkways were completely blocked this week by large student dance teams rehearsing for their upcoming fall showcases. Instructors saw record low attendance in evening discussion sections as students struggled to make it in time for class.

“Normally, I can expect my students to trickle in by 10 past the hour,” said Jerome Putnam, a graduate student instructor in the College of Celery, “but this week I’ve been lucky to see full attendance at 30 past.”

Things got especially out of hand Wednesday when one student was severely injured in an attempt to make her way through a particularly fast-paced number next to Hass Pavilion. A statement on Facebook described her harrowing experience: “It was definitely a mistake to even try to make my way through there. The second I passed the first row I was struck on all sides by stems and leaves. Before I knew it, I was on the ground.”

Students have been advised to avoid these crowded spaces in the coming weeks for their own safety.


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